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Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Personal Injury Complaint |

Personal Injury Complaint In Edwardsville School District

Personal Injury Complaint In Edwardsville School District

Personal injury complaints are a pretty common occurrence, and unfortunately they happen very often, due to negligent behavior or various kinds of malpractice. The area of law which covers these incidents is huge and people therefore need the help of experienced attorneys, and personal injury lawyers who specialize in this field are the perfect solution. Also, attorney should know a lot about the circumstances and traditions of your region, so that they can be more efficient and better prepared for the battle in court.

However, there are often cases where people try to submit false claims and to fake injuries or stage accidents, and this type of fraudulent behavior is very malicious and falls under criminal activity. One case in Missouri attracted attention recently, since a lot of elements point to the fact that the suit filed by Heriscene Thompson at Madison County Circuit Court was a false personal injury complaint. She is accusing Edwardville High School of being negligent and careless, since a loose light fixture allegedly had fallen from a ceiling and hit her on the head, causing injuries to here head, shoulders and neck. She demands that they pay her a compensation check of $50.000, as well as attorney fees and court costs.

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The defendant asks that the suit gets dismissed, since the plaintiff failed to demonstrate any cause of action, nor she was able to state how and why she was at the school or why she used the school property. Also, she filed wrong date on her first suit, but this was remedied on an amended complaint which was filed a month or two later.

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